Coming December 2021

This space will soon be home to an online portal where you can apply for a 2nd Chance Books life-skills study plan complete with necessary reading and study materials.  We may ask that your need be demonstrated.  In the meantime, if you are ready to get started, please don't hesitate to contact the administrator at
Proceeds from donated books are accounted for separately and go completely towards supporting development and administration of this program.  Proceeds are calculated by summing the buyback/wholesale/market value of each donated book (the same amount a customer would receive by opting to sell the same books at competitive rates across our buyback counter) and then subtracting the expenses of running the donation bin program.  To date, and until a director is found for the program, all administrative time spent on this outreach is donated.
2nd Chance Books will open a bookstore at 4206 50th St in Lubbock, TX by December 2021.
Thank you sincerely for your interest.
Daniel Mull, April 2021.